Azabu Gardens Journal

Residents ring in the Year of the Rabbit with traditional Japanese food

Azabu Gardens kicked off 2023, the Year of the Rabbit, with a special mochi (Japanese rice cake) gifting event designed specifically for residents at the property.

Lee Waite explains how Azabu Gardens ensured a smooth landing for him and his wife

Finance executive Lee Waite and his wife lived in Tokyo for about four years, spending a significant amount of that time in Azabu Gardens.

Sam Growdon shares her thoughts on moving from New York to Tokyo

When Sam Growdon was planning to relocate with her family from New York City to Tokyo in late January 2020, the first thing she did was to go online and begin searching for the right property.

The property, the amenities and friendly staff, as well as the safe and convenient location were game-changers for Pierre-Henri Belin and his family.

One of the most exciting aspects of moving to a new city, let alone a new country, is finding a neighborhood you can settle into and a place you can call home.

Representatives from two local international schools share their advice

With the school year at an end and, for many of us, travel plans still on hold, it’s looking to be a summer that will be largely based at home. What are some of the best ways to keep your children engaged and active this summer?

Azabu Gardens residents learned a new skill from an ikebana expert

The weather has started to change, with the sun making a more regular appearance and the flowers coming out to bloom. While the pandemic lingers, it may feel like leaving the house to enjoy a stroll in the park could be too risky. So, to bring spring into the homes of the Azabu Gardens residents, the staff organized an online ikebana (flower arranging) class.

mother-daughter-home-workout.jpgBefore the Covid-19 outbreak, many of us were used to dropping in at our favorite gyms around the city to get our workouts in. But between states of emergency and a variety of social distancing protocols, it’s a challenge to exercise as usual.

Azabu Gardens has curated a collection of virtual experiences for you to enjoy

Azabu Gardens celebrated the start of 2021 with a virtual demonstration of Japanese art

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, holiday celebrations all over the world looked a little different. For a safe event to start the new year, Azabu Gardens hosted a virtual kirie (Japanese paper cutting) performance. Kirie, which means “cut picture,” first started to be practiced in Japan during the 7th century. Kirie artists create beautiful designs by cutting sections out of a single sheet of paper. There are many talented artists who practice the art, and Azabu Gardens invited the celebrated paper artist Ryohei Tanaka to demonstrate his talents and entertain residents.

Lively fun for the whole family

In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, large gatherings and parties have been put on hold, and most of us have been staying close to home. But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t socializing. More and more events are being held online that let us all get together, interact, and have fun.