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Azabu Gardens was featured on the Savvy Tokyo website

Azabu Gardens was featured in Savvy Tokyo, Japan's foremost media resource for international women living and working in Tokyo, under the title Azabu Gardens: An Urban Oasis In The Heart Of Tokyo. You can read the complete article here.

Mothers and Daughters Celebrate Hina Matsuri in the Club Lounge

Hina Matsuri, also known as Girls’ Day or Doll’s Day, is a special time for parents and their daughters. On February 25, in the comfort of the Club Lounge, Azabu Gardens held a Hina Matsuri celebration ahead of the official day on March 3.

Azabu Gardens residents and guests welcome the holiday seasons

When the season of pumpkins and ghouls descends on Tokyo, the city fills with the wonders of Halloween. Azabu Gardens joined the fun and hosted a Halloween extravaganza for residents and the community.

Wilmoth family explains the benefits of living in Tokyo’s most desirable locality

Situated in the coveted neighborhood of Moto-Azabu, close to Roppongi and Azabu-Juban, Azabu Gardens is in a prime location in Tokyo. Outgoing residents Roy and Michele Wilmoth consider this a particular boon. “The location really cannot be beaten,” said Michele.

Resident reflects on happy times at Azabu Gardens

According to outgoing tenant Maia Ben Shoshan, the address has great appeal. “For expats, I think this is a perfect location,” the Italian said. “It’s very quiet, very green, and also very close to the main street and shopping areas. I would say it’s extremely convenient.”

Alessandra Giacometti explains why Azabu Gardens is a special place

Azabu Gardens residents come from around the globe, and word of mouth has quickly sent our Moto-Azabu oasis to the top of the list of Tokyo’s prospective abodes. For Italy native Alessandra Giacometti and her family, the perfect home in the capital was found by a friend who was living nearby in Roppongi Hills.

Residents and guests get healthy at Azabu Gardens

Everyone wants to stay fit, but city life doesn’t always make it easy. At Azabu Gardens, we’re dedicated to putting healthy living at your fingertips. One way we do this is through our gyms; both the East and West buildings have 24-hour facilities.

Residents and guests enjoy Hawaiian BBQ on the Rooftop Terrace

With the cherry blossoms having come and gone, and the nippiness of the air subsiding, late April has Tokyoites thinking of warm locales. And, while a trip to Hawaii may not fit into the schedule, the atmosphere of aloha can be found at Azabu Gardens.

Artistry and Tradition on the Rooftop Terrace

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Japan. Cherry blossoms—or sakura—paint the landscape in an ethereal shade of pink and an atmosphere of renewal fills the air.

ARK animal charity event draws foster parents and families

On May 2, Azabu Gardens opened its doors to the Tokyo branch of Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK), a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and finding new homes for abandoned animals