Azabu Gardens Journal

Aloha at Azabu Gardens

Residents and guests enjoy Hawaiian BBQ on the Rooftop Terrace

With the cherry blossoms having come and gone, and the nippiness of the air subsiding, late April has Tokyoites thinking of warm locales. And, while a trip to Hawaii may not fit into the schedule, the atmosphere of aloha can be found at Azabu Gardens.

Once again, this year we hosted a Hawaiian-style BBQ party on the Rooftop Terrace. The April 23 event—open to residents and guests—featured a smorgasbord of surf and turf. More than 100 people gathered for the feast, which provided not only great food but an opportunity to socialize.

Also on offer was a chance for guests to tour our beautiful garden-style apartments. Units 117, 514, and 516 were open to guests. The soothing tones and large windows looking out onto the terrace created a powerful connection with nature. Those taking the tour found it more than a bit enticing—evidence that the calm and soothing ambience of the day’s gathering is a way of life at Azabu Gardens.

We’re all about family, and a third of our guests were children. Although some preferred to stay with their parents, youngsters from five families enjoyed playing with the two bilingual sitters in the nursery that was set up in unit 218.

Back on the Rooftop Terrace, two grills blazed and delivered the tempting aroma of hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and more. A bilingual Hawaiian BBQ master served guests succulent treats from a menu that also included wagyu beef with blood orange, ham with grilled pineapple, and orange and honey-flavored spare ribs.

A taste of the islands is never complete without seafood, and the culinary circle was closed by lemon-flavored salmon with mushrooms as well as salmon and asparagus canapés—all served on tree stump platters of varying heights.

As enjoyable as the food was, conversation was king. Residents and guests all appreciated the chance to catch up and make new friends. Due to today’s differing and frantic schedules it’s easy to miss one another, so opportunities like this are a highlight of life at Azabu Gardens.

From the flowers that dot the rooftop to spectacular views of the city, the setting was ideal for a mid-spring gathering. Many commented on the atmosphere, others on the food—a work of art unto itself—and a few even set their eyes on our Hawaiian cooks to cater at their next event.

It was a wonderful escape to the islands, and a perfect example of things to come. Residents and guests said that they can’t wait for the next event, and we have many more planned throughout the year. And it all happens in our little oasis in the city. Aloha!