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Azabu Gardens is Pets’ Home for a Day

ARK animal charity event draws foster parents and families

On May 2, Azabu Gardens opened its doors to the Tokyo branch of Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK), a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and finding new homes for abandoned animals.


A number of families attended the event, which was designed to connect dogs to potential adopters. The rescued dogs, both male and female, ranged in age from puppies to those more than 10 years old. Brothers and sisters were among the happy group.

Azabu Gardens welcomed them by creating a 3x5 meter enclosure in a cool and shaded area in front of the residence. Parents, children, and their new furry friends were then able to play happily inside it.

In addition to providing useful materials about its important work, Tokyo ARK spoke with guests who expressed an interest in welcoming a new family member.


Tokyo ARK and Azabu Gardens described the event as a great success.

“This was a great public relations success for Tokyo ARK as we received interest in adopting. We also received applications from families interested in fostering—providing temporary homes for our animals,” said Machiko Nakano from the organization.

Gordon Hatton from Pembroke Real Estate agreed. “I’d like to congratulate all who were involved in making this a big success,” he said. “The dogs were very happy with all the attention they received, and the event went very peacefully. 

“I’m also happy to hear that some of the attending families expressed an interest in adopting or temporarily fostering the cute dogs,” he added.

Established in 1990, ARK has rescued, cared for, and rehomed more than 4,000 abandoned or abused cats, dogs and other pets in Japan.

Azabu Gardens is happy to be a supporter of the organization and the great work it does to bring happiness to animals and their owners.

What happened next?

Active Dachshund Miggy enjoyed playing with toys and people at the event.


Gentle Mav, a mixed border breed, received the offer of an adoption trial following the event and has since been formally adopted by a family from Australia.

Now renamed Buddy, he is settling into his new home in Tokyo and adjusting to life with all the family, including two cats and a hamster. 

Find out more in this article from the Japan Times.

Loving siblings Foxglove and Sweet Pea made a trip from Osaka for the event and are now living happily with their new families.

Poodle Akira spent his time in the enclosure walking with his foster mother and now lives with his new family in Zushi.

Quiet Lycee, a Shiba Inu, started an adoption trial with a family a few days after the event and was successfully rehomed.

Already established in a family, older, but energetic, Caesar came along to play with fond friends.