Azabu Gardens Journal

Azabu Gardens welcomes the New Year with a Japanese tradition

On a bright and crisp winter morning, guests of all ages gathered at the front entrance of Azabu Gardens to take part in the annual mochitsuki(Japanese rice cake making) event, held on January 19. An eager group of residents and guests had gathered together, ready to have fun, socialize, and enjoy the variety of food that was on offer.

Good cheer, delicious food, and lots of fun for the children

To go along with the colorful Christmas lights that are brightening up the streets of Tokyo, it’s the time of year for holiday parties that are brimming with seasonal good cheer and plenty of delicious food.

Treats for everyone make it an evening to remember

Azabu Gardens has been doing Halloween with its own unique style, offering plenty of treats for costumed children and an ideal opportunity for parents to mix and mingle. In fact, people say that the building is beginning to gain a reputation in the neighborhood as a great place to go for trick-or-treaters—and for the impressive costumes that the front desk staff wear!

Location, community, and friendly service made Azabu Gardens a perfect choice for the Norsteds

Lee and Stephanie Norsted moved to Azabu Gardens with their children after their original apartment building was sold. Stephanie was keen to stay in the neighborhood of Moto-Azabu and they couldn’t have been happier with Azabu Gardens.

Despite wet weather, warm friendships blossom inside

What to do when it rains on your barbecue? Bring it inside and have a great time anyway. That was the (perfectly executed) plan for Azabu Gardens’ late summer barbecue, and it couldn’t have gone better, rain or shine.

The Murphys found a perfect home away from home at Azabu Gardens

Jim and Katie Murphy lived in Azabu Gardens for three and a half years and had “a tremendous experience.” Before moving back to the United States for work, the couple reminisced on their time in Tokyo.

The Andersons describe a wonderful experience at Azabu Gardens as parents

Home is the place where you can unwind from the tensions of a hurried day and seek comfort in secure surroundings. For Adrianna and Jason Anderson, tenants who are departing after more than two years, Azabu Gardens had been just that.

Azabu Gardens hosts another memorable BBQ

Following a week of cold, gloomy rain and thunderstorms, on May 12 a tropical breeze and the welcome sun helped lure residents and guests to the rooftop terrace of Azabu Gardens, where they enjoyed an Hawaii-inspired, annual BBQ party.

Celebrating two great cultural events in the modern Club Lounge

To celebrate sakura and the Easter holiday, Azabu Gardens hosted residents on March 17 in the Club Lounge for a day filled with scrumptious food, fine beverages and seasonal fun. Outside, the property’s cherry blossom trees were full of flower buds starting to bloom.

Our former resident talked to Savvy Tokyo about how much she will miss her home in Tokyo

Savvy Tokyo, the foremost media resource for international women living and working in Tokyo, sat down with our former resident, Mary Koukoumeledis, to hear all about her life at Azabu Gardens—and how much she will miss it.