Azabu Gardens Journal

Cozy and cold makes this New Year tradition even more memorable

On January 18, staff and residents of Azabu Gardens happily braved the cold and gathered outside the front lobby to take part in a Japanese tradition, mochitsuki—pounding and eating mochi (rice cake). Falling snow provided the perfect backdrop for this popular social, family-fun event.

Plenty of festive spirit, a visit from Santa, and holiday tunes

It was the season for celebration and holiday cheer at Azabu Gardens. The party was held early this season—on the last day of November—but really, it’s never early for Christmas.

Entertainment, Music, and Delicious Fare Make for an Unforgettable Afternoon

The Azabu Gardens community recently got together for an afternoon filled with fun, food, and great company. ¡La Fiesta de Azabu Gardens! was held on the Roof Terrace on September 14, a perfect late summer day.

Anne Dawson explains how Azabu Gardens made her experience in Japan one to treasure

Moving to foreign countries is a way of life for some professionals and their families, and while getting to know the local culture is important, there is always a need to take a breather in a place that feels like home. For former resident Anne Dawson and her husband, the apartments, the warm and caring staff, and the facilities at Azabu Gardens provided just that.

Delicious food and drink, activities for the kids, and fun in the sun

By Poppy Hawkins

Azabu Gardens hosts plenty of events throughout the year, and with the new Japanese era, Reiwa, in full swing, an early summer grill made for a perfect occasion. The barbecue was held on May 18—a clear, sunny Saturday. Azabu Gardens residents gathered on the rooftop terrace to enjoy the sunshine and a smorgasbord of wonderful American-style cuisine and homemade cocktails from the beloved Azabu-juban eatery, Soul Food House.

A moment to explore Japanese aesthetics

By Penelope Russo

Japan is a country that is known for its refined artistic traditions, which offer profound insights into the nation’s culture. But without a proper guide, it can be difficult to truly understand the nuances that lie behind these traditions. To help give members of the Azabu Gardens community a deeper appreciation of Japanese art and culture, a pair of workshops that delved into two of Japan’s most beloved art forms were held in March. 

Azabu Gardens welcomes the New Year with a Japanese tradition

On a bright and crisp winter morning, guests of all ages gathered at the front entrance of Azabu Gardens to take part in the annual mochitsuki(Japanese rice cake making) event, held on January 19. An eager group of residents and guests had gathered together, ready to have fun, socialize, and enjoy the variety of food that was on offer.

Good cheer, delicious food, and lots of fun for the children

To go along with the colorful Christmas lights that are brightening up the streets of Tokyo, it’s the time of year for holiday parties that are brimming with seasonal good cheer and plenty of delicious food.

Treats for everyone make it an evening to remember

Azabu Gardens has been doing Halloween with its own unique style, offering plenty of treats for costumed children and an ideal opportunity for parents to mix and mingle. In fact, people say that the building is beginning to gain a reputation in the neighborhood as a great place to go for trick-or-treaters—and for the impressive costumes that the front desk staff wear!

Location, community, and friendly service made Azabu Gardens a perfect choice for the Norsteds

Lee and Stephanie Norsted moved to Azabu Gardens with their children after their original apartment building was sold. Stephanie was keen to stay in the neighborhood of Moto-Azabu and they couldn’t have been happier with Azabu Gardens.